Friday, April 2, 2010

Purging (in a good way)

Spring has arrived - it was 80 degrees on Thursday here in Minnesota and that little factoid can only mean one thing: It's time for "The Changing of The Closets."  

(photo by AmberE

This bi-annual ritual happens when you're really hating what you have in your closet because you've been seen in every combination at least twice in the past season, and you have this incorrect memory that your other seasonal wardrobe is SO much better than the current one. 

I am very jealous of people with plenty of closet space in their homes that they don't have to pack it up, schlep it to the storage area and then bring in a bin of spring/summer clothes. I don't have that luxury. I have a walk-in closet, but only in the sense that you can stand in there and turn around. It's not one of those that you can wander through.

But this year, "The Changing of the Closets" has even more fun and games. Having lost a size or two since I packed up the spring/summer wardrobe last September, I now have to try everything on and sort them in to three piles: 1) Too big - take to consignment 2) Too small - put these in on the front hall closet and finally 3) Just right. 

A real challenge for me is letting go of some of the too big items. I argue with myself that they're comfortable and roomy and it's not like I would actually wear them where I could be seen - until I run out to the mall looking dumpy in clothing too big for me. I don't believe the people looking at me are thinking, "Wow, I bet she's really comfortable in those - good choice in fashion." 

Purging is a very important part of "The Changing of the Closets."  When you have limited closet space, you HAVE to make the tough choices. Choices like: throw out anything with oversized shoulder pads or has the brand name Zubaz on them - they are not coming back into fashion - EVER!

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