Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Greek to Me

Jen, also known as the Prior Fat Girl, did a post on her blog last week talking about greek yogurt. She had never tried it, but had heard individuals talking about how much they loved it. Being the fair minded individual she is, she tried it out.

The impetus for her post was a sample of Yoplait's Greek Yogurt that she had been given. She wasn't impressed with it. She thought eating a can of tuna was a better option. While honest that tuna would be higher in protein and lower in calories, practically not really appealing. (at least for me)

Sorry, Jen, I'm of the opposite opinion. I've been a regular consumer of Fage Greek Yogurt for the last 12 months or more. I love it with fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, or raspberries. But the down point of greek yogurt - $1.79 for a 6 oz serving (SuperTarget). I was willing to pay the high price since it was a great option for calcium and protein. So, I was thrilled to learn that Yoplait has added greek yogurt to their product line for a more competitive price of less than a $1.00 for a 6 oz serving. 

But what about taste? I did a taste test and the Yoplait greek yogurt tasted as good as the more expensive Fage. YEA!!

Full Disclosure: I learned about the new Yoplait greek yogurt through my membership in Psst (through which I occassionally get information and free products from General Mills). 

I didn't get any free samples of the Yoplait - I purchased it from the Kowalski's on Grand. Yet, yesterday, when I was the Roseville SuperTarget (where I most often shop), I couldn't find the Yoplait Greek Yogurt.

If you'd like to try it, click here for free coupons!

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