Thursday, April 1, 2010

The most persuasive person I know

I am the most persuasive person I know

...cuz I can talk myself out of anything. (I can also talking myself into anything, but that's another issue for another time...)

I often talk myself out of exercising when I had purposely planned to exercise. There are many days, I will get out of bed early to do a workout, but then tell myself that tonight would be a better time to do this workout. You know after you get home and are exhausted and usually fall asleep on the couch.

Five years ago, when I originally lost this weight, I would get up each day at 5 am and be at the Y by 5:30 and hop on a treadmill. I didn't get there everyday, but at least twice a week and sometimes three times a week. Today, I still get up at 5 am. But I don't have to drive to the Y to do the time on the treadmill because there is one in my living room. (small condo requires odd placement of equipment) Yet, I'm not doing it.

UGH! Why? When I know what the results were five years ago? When I know that morning workouts are the best way to kick up that metabolism?

So, here's my promise to myself: 
  • Week 1: I will work out on the treadmill at least two mornings during the work week and at least once on the weekend. 
  • Week 2: I will also do a morning workout at the Y one day a week (Tuesday or Thursday for the Morning Spinning Express.)
I have to stop listening to myself when I'm persuading myself out of exercise. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

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