Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the Land of Oz

I was finally able to sit at in cube and "start working." So far I've been orientated, identified, given more numbers than I'll ever be able to remember, assigned a pager, got my iPhone attached to the Mayo Microsoft Exchange server, finished paperwork and, most importantly to be a fully functional Mayo Clinic employee, figured out where you can get Diet Coke on campus.

The administrative staff in Public Affairs are amazing. I had so many of them asking me if there was anything I needed, just ask. I assured them that I was pretty low maintenance as I had been an admin support staff myself years ago, but after saying how low maintenance I would be, I proved myself a liar. 
  • I guess I need a different keyboard.
  • Any chance to get a phone headset?
  • Is there an extra track-ball mouse around? 
  • How do I get my iPhone sync'd up with my Mayo Clinic email account? 
  • Who do I have to call to get additional programs downloaded on my computer?
My support staff buddy may also attend some of my meetings since she knows the resources and the best way to work in the Mayo Clinic systems. I met with my manager yesterday and got a better idea of some of the areas that I'll be working in and who I will be partnering with in various areas. Everything is sounding exciting and I'm ready to jump in!

I'm not the only new person in the division - there was a Welcome Potluck Lunch today for the seven new hires. 

I saw the poster for the potluck and it had photos of all the new staff members, but I hadn't started at the time they created it, so they pulled an avatar drawing I had created for my Facebook profile. The staff might think I'm either a cartoon or have a strong need to be anonymous. (And I suppose coming from Hazelden, they might read something additional into that.)

My office is in the Ozmun Building on campus which, I've been told, used to be the courthouse. The cafe on 1st floor is in an old holding cell and is called the Jail House Cafe.

The staff like to refer to the building as "Oz," as in the Land of Oz. Today's potluck was held in a conference room nicknamed "Auntie Em's."  I'm looking forward to hearing more of the nicknames. If I start to see munchkins parading around and singing, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," I may have to reduce my medications.

I'm loving this week's Dilbert. Perhaps Scott Adams followed me around because I'm sure that Monday & Tuesday's cartoons were based on my former position at Hazelden. I think you'll agree.(Thanks for the heads up, Chip)
Click on the cartoon to see it in a larger format

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