Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Think I'm Ready

Tomorrow is the day that I start my new job at Mayo Clinic and for some reason, unlike any other job I've started before, it seems a bit surreal. The first two days will be spent in orientation, so it might not seem really real until Wednesday when I'll be sitting at a desk and computer.

The last three weeks have been nonstop activity with finishing my job at Hazelden; packing, cleaning, throwing and selling as much as I could and finally, this weekend was the physical activity of moving boxes and moving me! Since I live up one flight of stairs, my quads and glutes are feeling a bit over-used today.

Because I won't completely move out of the condo until it's sold, I didn't hire a moving company - I recruited my sister to help instead. Not just because she has a truck and not just because I'm moving in with her and her family, but because she's thinks more logically and more linear than I can.
My ADD was really taking over these last few days. After packing boxes non-stop for ten days, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I still had much more to pack, but all the clutter and piles of things to be sorted was overwhelming me and packing was at a stand still. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any further in the process until all of the boxes and extras were gone and out of my sight.

I could see that the truck might not be enough and rented a U-Haul cargo van for the day. When I told my sister, she thought it might be over-kill.  She thought that until she saw the stacks and stacks of boxes and tubs all around the condo and out in the garage. We completely packed the van full of boxes and small furniture pieces to go to storage and then loaded her truck with boxes for her place.

I loaded up my car today and said goodbye to the Twin Cities.

My sister's home is outside of Rochester in a small town called Mantorville, so it's really going to be small town living. As I drove into town, I experienced my first Mantorville traffic jam - it was Marigold Days, their annual celebration and everyone and their cousin was there. Had I been down here yesterday, I would have been able to attend the Firemen's Dance last night. Maybe next year.

So, it begins tomorrow... I can't wait. 

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