Sunday, January 31, 2010

Putting the "H" back into my ADD

Because I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder in my 40s, the medical professionals and I both concluded that it was ADD and not ADHD. I certainly wasn't a hyper-active individual. But last weekend, I became keenly aware that I am much more fidgety than most people, at least the people sitting around me that day. I was visiting my hometown and joined some friends to watch the high school girls basketball game. 

I was sitting amongst the parents and family members of many of the players on the team.  I'm not extremely knowledgeable about the finer points of the sport, but I can read the score board just like anyone else and it was close game. Regardless of the sport, I'm usually cheering for someone. (Except, of course, when I'm judging figure skating because standing up and cheering isn't viewed as good form.) 

I was cheering for the Albert Lea High School Girls' Basketball team that day. I was tugging at my ponytail when the tension increased and pumped my fist into the air when we scored. I was rocking back and forth in my seat and occasionally sitting on my hands to keep them still. I was yelling at the players to hustle and be there for the rebounds. (I also got paranoid that I was yelling the wrong things at the wrong time and sounded like an idiot.)

I looked around at the parents of the players and they weren't looking hyper or excited. They would cheer when we scored and yell an occasional piece of advice to the players, but mostly, it was their heads that were moving the most - back and forth from one side to the other. 

Maybe I still have the hyperactivity of the disorder? I'm suddenly much more aware of how I sit at my desk and how I stand while watching something. I don't sit in one position very long and I don't stand still, ever!  I've noticed other people when they stand aren't shifting their weight from side to side. 
Well, I'm not going to rename the blog, but I think I have to give my "hyper" side more recognition than I had in the past. So the hyperactivity isn't just in my brain - it possess my entire being.

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