Thursday, January 14, 2010

Even when my life sucks, it doesn't compare...

I have complained about the windows in my house being too drafty and how I don't have a water softener and what that does to my hair. I have complained about how long of a drive it is to work and I might get upset when the network goes down. There are days when everything goes wrong and I'm sure my life sucks and I deserve a pity party.

But shortly before 5 p.m. (EST) on January 12, 2010, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.0 rocked the island of Haiti. And shook sense into my "sucky life philosophy" and reminded me that even my worst day is light years away from the reality that millions of Haitians are facing today and for the weeks ahead.

I also need to remind myself that my "sucky life" was still light years ahead of the Haitian BEFORE the earthquake. This island nation is one of the poorest and, if there is any blessing, it is the fact that this poverty had pulled more NGOs (non-government organizations) to their island before the quake. These incredible people were there from the time of the quake to help, even though many of them had also lost their homes to the quake. (Sadly, many of their generous co-workers were also victims of this diaster).

Pray for the Haitians. Pray for the NGO workers who have perished and those workers who survived.
But do more than pray. Donate to the American Red Cross or other relief organizations. It's putting your money where your mouth.

If you think that your $10 gift won't matter, it important to remember it was lots and lots of $10 gifts via text messages that raised $3 million dollars for the ARC in the first 24 hours after the disaster.

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