Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pretty, Shiny, Expensive Objects

The iPad 2 goes on sale this Friday and I'm vacillating between "of course, I have to get one" and "it's just peer pressure." When the iPad originally came out I knew right away that I didn't want one. And then, about twenty minutes passed, and everyone I knew was buying one.

About six months into it, I figured that I might as well wait for the second version since everyone says you should never buy the first version of anything. (Those are usually the people who buy the first version, gloat about having the "it" toy, but secretly regret buying it.)

Let's face it, the iPad is the hippest, most coolest thing around these days. I've heard the talk about looking at the Motorola Xoom instead, but why should I? I go along with the trends instead of bucking them. (unless it is cool to buck the trends) 

I think I go along with the trends because my Zodiac sign is Aries - the ram - which is a sheep and that's what I am. I'm a sheep going to the Apple slaughterhouse where they will take a big chunk of my money. But then I'll be cool and I'll have the newest iPad and an empty savings account. 
The reality of the money brings me back to my vacillating problem. But now it is between "I just want to have the cool new toy" and "so that's what it's like to have a savings account."

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