Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have A Cold

Ever notice when you have a cold, there are two options for how your brain and reality work. Option one is the "out-of-body experience" where you feel like you're observing everything you do as a third person. Option two is where everything slows down. Particularly your brain function. When I have a cold, it's like I'm the last one to get a joke because it takes longer for my responses to kick in. 

I have a cold right now and I'm in the slowed down phase where everything around me is moving far too fast and anyone who talks to me must have had too much caffeine. I know it is the medication, but if I didn't take the medication, I would be spending all my time coughing, hacking and blowing my nose. It's a trade-off.
I started taking Zicam, but I didn't like the after-taste and the directions say you have to continue taking it for 48 hours AFTER your symptoms subside. So, I'm taking this homeopathic stuff for a couple of weeks? I'm sure my body would contain so much zinc, I could be mined. I quit the Zicam after 24 hours. 
I hate the way I feel about myself when I have cold. A cold always seems to hit me when I'm supposed to present something to a group. No matter how prepared I am or how fancy the presentation, the moment I stand up to talk, with my kleenex-worn red nose and my raspy voice, I sense all the audience members are either wondering if they have touched anything I've touched or "what a loser."  I'm sure my message gets lost because my audience is distracted by my bulbous red nose.

I don't know how long this cold will last, but everyone is willing to tell me how they have had their cold for two weeks or three weeks or that I'll start to feel better in May. Plus someone told me today that "what's going around" has been morphing into pneumonia, so I should take care. I love being surrounded by optimists.

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