Friday, October 8, 2010

Everything I've far

It's the end of Week 4 of my great Mayo Clinic experiment experience.

It doesn't seem like I've been here for a month, but I've already received two paychecks, so it must be true.

I've already made my first mistake (the first of many, no doubt) and the place is still standing. I've been told not to worry, you won't break Mayo. 

Yesterday, Deb (another public affairs newbie) and I finished our first very big project and handed it over to leadership. Let me re-phrase that, Deb and I finished phase one of our first very big project, because we're sure that after the Monday meeting, where it is being reviewed, there will be more to do.

I got my official Mayo Clinic business cards yesterday and when looking at them today, I nearly hyperventilated (and thought I had made my second Mayo Clinic mistake). My phone number had the wrong prefix! How could I have screwed that up? I went to see Genelle (my AWESOME support person) with my head hanging down. She didn't laugh (out loud) at me as she explained that the prefix on the card was correct for external callers and the prefix that I had been telling people is the internal exchange only. "Oh... excuse me, I need to go change the signature on my emails..." 

While I'm adjusting to my little corner of Mayo Clinic, I am constantly in awe of what I see and hear happening all around me. Did you see the story of the Canadian woman who had cancer and to save her life, the Mayo surgeons cut her in half, removed the cancerous areas and then put her back together?

Then there is the first clinical Hand Transplant Program in the United States here at Mayo. Imagine the soldiers who have lost their hands due to IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan having the option to receive a new hand via transplant.

What I have figured out so far...
  • I have the subway system about 90% figured out
  • I have learned that no meetings start on time unless you're late for them
  • Where I can get Diet Coke on a Pepsi campus
  • I've learned that "We take out our own garbage" is not a euphemism - we actually have to take out our own garbage
  • I managed to get a Mac assigned to me - now I just need it to have network access
  • I found the list of "unwritten rules" online (technically that would make them written...)
  • I still have no clue as to how to work my pager or voice mail
  • The acronyms used here are the biggest challenge for new people - I can't assume a Mayo acronym is the same as a real world acronym
  • and best of all, I can use the "I'm new" qualifier for two to three years

As for the pager, I was given sage advice from my seasoned co-workers: Gather all the newbies together and page each other until you figure it all out.

Now I just have to find the directions on how to turn the pager on...


Anne said...

Nice! We're in the same boat. I'm in week 9 (?) and will continue to feel like a newbie for a loooong time. Sounds like you're off to a great start :-) (and YES, the Mayo acronyms are mind-boggling...)

Meg Canada said...

Elizabeth, Nice work! Good to hear all is well down there. Don't forget to drop my name when you meet Dr. Shives! Here are the user manuals for Motorola pagers:
Best, Meg

Tracy said...

Welcome to Mayo - it is hands-down, the BEST place to work!

sam and Mary said...

Lauren and I think your picture rocks!!! Great blog...wish I could write like this! So proud of you!!!

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