Friday, July 16, 2010


I have good days and I have squirrel! days. I'm fortunate that my squirrel! days don't become squirrel! weeks. Today has been a squirrel! day.

If you haven't seen the animated Pixar film "Up!", you might not understand what a squirrel! day is. 

Meet Doug the dog. His master has given him a special collar that allows him to talk, but he has one small problem - ADD. He gets a bit distracted by things such as small furry rodents and when he's done being distracted, he gets back to you, albeit not as a continuation of the conversation, but starting the conversation again.

In one of the trailers from the movie, he's talking to Carl (the old guy voiced by Ed Asner) "Hi there! My master has given me this special collar so that I may talk...Squirrel!.....Hi there!"

There are many days that I feel like I'm Doug the dog.  

If I'm trying to have a conversation with a person, whether in person or on the phone, do NOT have a window nearby me that I can see out of! Especially if the window looks out on a wooded, grassy area that may contain squirrels, deer, pheasants, or any other type of small woodland creatures.
I was chatting with a co-worker recently and her cube is right by a window on the "garden level" (the nice way to say basement). During our conversation, outside of that window, I spotted a pheasant. Without taking a breathe, I went from talking about a project to how I had never really seen a pheasant that close to our building.  Her comment to me? "Squirrel!" 

It's good to have co-workers who know your weaknesses and can laugh about them with you. 

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