Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decision Day for LeBron

Tonight, LeBron James will be announcing where he'll be playing basketball next year. While I'm not a person who cares much about pro-basketball, the story is more human interest than sports for me. If you're a sports person, it's about strategy and if you have a business focus, it's about the money. 
I heard that the New York Knicks have told LeBron that he could make billions (yes, BILLIONS!) if he plays for them because of all the endorsement deals he would get in a major market like NYC. President Obama suggested Chicago Heat since he's all about anything Chicago.  Rumors abound that he's going to the Heat.

I hope he stays in Cleveland. For me, if he stays in Cleveland, it tells me that he loves the game and if he goes anywhere else, it's about the money.

He needs to follow the example of our local boy, Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. LeBron grew up in Cleveland and he is worshiped by the community. To his credit, he has given much back to the community, but Cleveland will be devastated if LeBron leaves.

Isn't it interesting that he made a deal to make his announcement on an ESPN broadcast where all the ad revenue is being given to the Boys & Girls Club? My inner cynic wonders if the philanthropic gesture is to soften the community outrage if he leaves Cleveland?  It will be saying, "I'm going for the money, but aren't I a wonderful and generous person?"  

I'm gonna hope that LeBron proves me wrong and stays in Cleveland. I hope he will be a great example to our youth that it is about the love and the joy of playing the game.

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