Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Broadway

Way back in Spring 2013, when I was trying to make my decision about moving back to my hometown, I had a conversation with one of my best friends, Jessie. (Going Home)

In weighing all the pros and cons, the tipping point came when we talked about being involved with the community theater again. That's when it became a no-brainer.  The two of us, having been friends since 1988 when we met during the Albert Lea Community Theater production of Anything Goes, toasted the obvious decision.

I didn't, however, go knock on the stage door right away. In fact, my first audition was last month (ten months after moving back) and I had told very few people that I was going to try out. The role I wanted was Miss Hannigan in the musical, Annie.

The toughest part of the audition is always walking through the door and, this one was made tough by the fact it had been over 25 years since my last audition. I must have done okay since on Memorial Day I got the call that I had the part.

The next evening was the first read through and a good portion of time was spent going through introductions. When I introduced myself, I told them how my first role in an ACT production was an orphan in Oliver in 1972 and that my last play was the King & I in 1990. I explained that I had moved back to Albert Lea after a 20-year temporary absence, but that 'this place was one of the reasons I moved back.' I had missed it.

We're about three weeks into rehearsals and we open in less than a month (July 17). It had been so long since I had to memorize lines, I googled it. (heck, the last time I had to memorize lines there was no Google to google.)

You know what's been great? It's been 20+ years, but I'm not a stranger. Figuring out the costumes has made me smile more than a couple of time. Mostly because of the three people I've been able to work with - Barb Lang, Rosalie Truax and Glen Parsons. Three people who have known me for years and years - Barb since I was a toddler and Glen was my fifth grade teacher.

This is going to be a blast!!!

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