Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The squirrel hasn't lost any weight

Two years, I wrote a blog post entitled, "The 800-pound squirrel in the room," that explained why packing/unpacking for an ADDer is a comedy for others to enjoy and the afflicted to endure. Here's a sample of that post: 

Unpacking a box with clothing, I decide to sort them into two piles: stuff I can wear and stuff I wish I could still wear (wink, wink). 'Oh, I should put these into another tub to put back into storage...'

I remember there is empty tub in the bedroom and wander in there to get it. I spot a box with stuff for the bathroom and pick it up and take it into the bathroom, where I unpack it.

Then I go back into the bedroom where I found the box and start to sort the socks before I put them into the dresser. As I'm doing that, I notice that I haven't found the pillows for my bed yet and go back out into the living room to find the pillows, only to notice that I never got the tub for the "non-fitting" clothes.  

Packing for this move is following a similar pathway. I was doing great at the start, but now that I'm down to random odds and ends and the stuff I need to keep unpacked for day-to-day life, I'm kinda sucking at it. 

It's been one of my goals with this project to throw things away and not move something for a third time that I haven't touched or needed. Strangely enough, spices fell in this category. As I was cleaning out the cupboards and got to my so-called spice shelf, I seriously looked at the labels on the spices. If I had to guess the average age of my stash, I would go with 8 to 10 years old. 

Unlike last time where I had stuff in three different places, I have simplified my life to two two and 1/2 different places. The storage unit in Albert Lea (200 sq ft) is about 75% full; my garage has been coverted in to a staging area where I'm putting all the boxes and bins that are full and then the rest is in the apartment - some in half-full boxes, some sitting on a table waiting for its fate to be determined and the rest that have to remain unpacked until the last moment. 

I pray that no emergencies happen that would require a clear pathway in or out of my apartment. If so, I'm doomed. 

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