Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Meetings

I had my first 7 am meeting today. Not the first one in my life, but my first one here at Mayo Clinic. 

I'm not a morning person - not because I don't like getting up early (cuz I'm up everyday at 5 am), but because my brain is not fully functional until 9ish. I discourage people from 8 am meetings with me. 

And it wasn't just the time, it was the type of meeting that made it even more challenging. It was a project launch meeting for a tech initiative. There were at least 30 people in the room and I recognized no one. I sat in the chair closest to the exit just from fear of being noticed or asked questions. 

I like technology but this is one of those projects that is so immense, it might take me awhile to fully grasp it. Everyone introduced themselves during the meeting and told what area they worked in. There were moments when I thought I was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher. 

When a slide of the reporting and team structure showed up on the PowerPoint, it was alphabet soup. Of the ten or so acronyms on the slide, I knew one. ONE! One of the acronyms was MUPITS. I can't remember what it all stands for, but learning it was a Mayo acronym made me glad I didn't laugh during the introductions when one of the guys said he works in IT and with Muppets.

One moment of being uncomfortable courtesy of Target: Today, I decided to wear my black & gray argyle sweater with a pink shell. As did one of the other ladies in the meeting (including the pink shell) We avoided eye contact for the majority of the meeting. I made sure I didn't ride in the same elevator with her after the meeting. So imagine my surprise, five minutes after the meeting, seeing ANOTHER woman wearing the same sweater with a pink shell. I started having Catholic grade school flashbacks. 

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