Friday, January 14, 2011

Mayo Mammogram Part 2

Everything is fine, but they sure hang you out there for awhile. 

The focus of the entire appointment was my right side. The tech took four additional shots and asked me to wait in the exam room while she went and talked with the radiologist. About five minutes later, she came back and said they needed another couple of images. 

She left again and I realized that the room was kinda cold. She returned and said "Sorry, we need a couple more." I guess I move too much while my breast is in a vice grip. She told me that I'm not supposed to move and I'm not supposed to breathe. Sorry.

She left me a third time and I really, really hoped that we were done because I was sore and cold. 

When she returned, she informed me that the radiologist would like me to have an ultrasound to get a better view. They would be able to do the ultrasound right away and she took me back to the waiting area. While I was in the waiting area, I was offered a heated blanket. Nice spa-like touch. 

My mind was trying to focus on the Today Show, but unsuccessfully. It was one thing that I had to come back for more images. When they only focused on one side that made me suspicious. The questions really started coming when they wanted to do the ultrasound.

Becky, the ultrasound tech came for me a few minutes later and I got to keep the blanket with me. It took maybe 10 minutes to do the ultrasound. Becky told me that she was going to get Dr. Brandt (the radiologist who has been reading my films) and bring her in to the exam room to talk with me and that Dr. Brandt might want to do an ultrasound exam of her own, just to be sure. 

As I waited for Becky and Dr. Brandt to arrive, the ideas started to flow again. The doctor wanted to talk to me? That just didn't feel right. I could see an image on one of the screens, but I didn't know if it was mine or not. I studied it closely. Could I see anything wrong? What would wrong look like anyway? 

I had positive thoughts and wasn't planning a funeral or anything. I have lots of friends who have taken on breast cancer and beat it. It would just be another adventure in my journey. I laughed a bit when I remembered the photo of a t-shirt that I saw on a friend's facebook page - "Yes, they're fake! The real ones tried to kill me!" 

Dr. Brandt arrived and introduced herself to me. She informed me that everything looked okay. They just wanted to make sure they got a clear enough view to be sure. She did an ultrasound for herself and I watched her face looking for that moment of "what's that?", but it didn't come. 

So, I've been through my first Mayo mammogram and the ta-ta's are fine. Nothing to worry about except for the numbness in my hand... from typing on my netbook while sitting at the airport.  Well, if anything is really wrong with the hand, I know that Mayo Clinic has a new Hand Transplant Center (no kidding).

Happy weekend!

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