Monday, March 22, 2010

The Next 50 Years

Most birthdays feel like any other day. Some years you may go to work and ignore it or celebrate in a low-key way, if at all.  But then there are the milestone birthdays: 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, etc. 

Today is my birthday and I'm 50. And it doesn't feel like any other birthday. It feels like the start of a new day, a new year, a new direction...
I'm feeling like turning 50 is new beginning. I want to be healthier and take time each day to workout. I procrastinate better than most, but I'm beginning to realize how wasteful that is. Do it today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Yesterday, I was reminded of that when I heard the news that a friend of the family who is only a year or so older than me, died very suddenly Saturday. Do it today.
I will appreciate my friends and family and all their craziness because they love me regardless of all my craziness. 

I will be grateful for all I have and also grateful for the things I don't have. 

I will make a better effort to stay in touch with my friends who I don't always see - they came into my life for reason and while I may not know what that reason is, they have changed who I am today - for better or for worse. (Song in my head: For Good from Wicked.)

I don't know what the next 50 years will bring or even if there will be another 50.  I know I've mostly enjoyed the first 50 - so whatever it is or will be - I'm ready. Bring it on!


Lynne Hartke said...

Happy Happy Day! Love your 50 thoughts. I made some big changes last year after being diagnosed with cancer. Now I'm looking forward, wondering what the next 50 years holds! My husband got 50 friends to join him in running a triathlon on his 50th. I'm thinking of going to Hawaii!

Elizabeth Harty said...

Love the idea of going to Hawaii. I went to Paris for my 40th. That was fun.

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