Monday, November 30, 2009

Black & Blue & Brown

One of my least favorite activities in the morning is getting dressed for work. It sometimes feels like an exercise in futility.

You need to understand that I have a closet full of clothes. There are 12s, 14s & some 16s. And that's the problem. Five years ago, I lost 60 pounds and went from a size 20 to a 12 (and even a 10!) I got rid of my fat clothes, but I gain about 40 pounds back in 2007. Now I've re-lost 30 of those 40.

Today, off-the-rack clothing don't use true sizes. In other words, a pair of pants might say they are a 12, but they are really a true 14. So, each morning, as I'm determining what to wear to work that day, I'll pull out a pair of pants only to discover that they're too loose now. I had already selected the top to go with those pants, but since those pants don't fit, I can't wear that top today because I don't have another pair of pants that fit in the correct color.

It isn't just sizes; colors can be a problem, too. There have been several occasions after walking out the front door of my building, the natural light of the sun points out that I'm wearing navy blue pants and a black sweater or worse yet, black shoes with those navy pants. I turn around and go back in and re-dress for the day. Usually throwing things around out of frustration.

I've heard the suggestions that I should lay out my clothes the night before, so I don't have to do this song & dance in the morning. Sorry, my brain doesn't work that way. How will I know what I want to wear the night before? Who would remember to do something like that?

Today, I thought I was successful in finding a great combination of separates. Black pleated skirt topped with a pink top & a black rayon cardigan, black textured tights, and black Sofft shoes. Walking out in the overcast day, all the colors still seemed to look fine. But three hours later, while sitting in a meeting, I realize the tights are actually brown! And suddenly, I'm hyper-paranoid that people are commenting on my lack of style or color coordination.

I really wish that they had Garanimals for adults. ( It would be so much easier to get dressed in the morning

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Ruby Leigh said...

The garanimals animals are soo cute.

Okay - totally can't layout clothes the night before... follow you here. Also, picking out clothes is difficult for me too. Let me ask - does your family buy you clothes every gift-giving occasion, because you "don't know how to dress yourself"? Mine does. It's awful. GAhhh!

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